Our Team
Our Team
Australian-owned and family-operated, TermiCam is currently seeking new Australian and international franchisees who’d like to profit from our world-beating, high-tech infrared termite and pest detection technology. This revolutionary thermal imaging technology is so sophisticated you need a high-end controlled item thermal imaging camera licence just to use it! But don’t worry, we’ll take care of that, in addition to a comprehensive program of ongoing support and training to ISO Certification in thermography and training in pest control management, and strong, professional marketing support. In other words, there are no qualifications or age limits just the desire to profit from this world-beating pest detection technology.

TermiCam vs other options

Let’s look at the other options first

Tapping, drilling holes and pulling walls apart:

A messy business that also disturbs termites, making them go to ground only to pop-up somewhere else. And, let’s be frank, it’s an ‘old fashioned’ solution compared to TermiCam’s cutting-edge infrared thermal imaging technology.

Cheap thermal cameras:

Three words — intrusive, destructive and unreliable. As they say, you get what you pay for.

Trained dogs:

Time and again, trained dogs have proven to be unreliable.

Moisture meters:

Termites love moist, humid places like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Therefore moisture meters often miss termite activity because they can’t distinguish between the existing moisture and the termite infestation. Who wants to take that risk?!

Microwave systems:

These showed a lot of promise early on, unfortunately however, termites can sense microwave systems and will either scatter or stop moving. In addition, microwave systems aren’t effective in wet areas and can’t detect termites under concrete slabs or through thick tree stumps. But TermiCam’s cutting-edge infrared thermal imaging technology can.

Now let’s look at why it’s TermiCam hands down

Seven simple reasons:


it’s environmentally safe


it’s non-invasive/ non-intrusive
(no need to pull down walls etc.)


it’s non-destructive (sledge hammer-free zone)


it doesn’t use chemicals or radiation


it can detect through concrete and into the thickest of tree stumps


it can detect termites in moist areas


termites can’t sense the infrared rays so they won’t scatter like they do with microwaves and other Electronic detecting Systems.

Put simply, there’s no comparison!


Here’s some other reasons why you should choose a TermiCam franchise

  • TermiCam is a proudly Australian-owned family business with 23 years of experience in pest and thermal imaging. We have an enviable reputation as one of Australia’s and Asia’s leading and most trusted high-tech pest detection brands because we operate with the highest values and ethical standards.
  • TermiCam has been recognised with numerous awards and accolades including making the finals of the 2010 Australian Export Awards and winning an Australian Housing Industry Association Award.
  • You can work from home.
  • You’ll be in business for yourself but our comprehensive support system means you’ll never be alone.
  • TermiCam is a high-quality pest inspection service with a strong, well-tested and durable business model.
  • We are growing fast. Very fast.

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Some of the areas available:
Victoria• Mildura• Albury• Geelong• Ballarat• Gippsland• Warrnambool
Western Australia• Perth• Kalgoorlie• Albany• Geraldton• Portheadland
Queensland• Cairns• Brisbane• Rockhampton• Mackay
New South Wales• Byron Bay• Coffs Harbour• Sydney• Wollongong
South Australia• Adelaide• Whyalla• Port Lincoln
Northern Territory• Darwin• Katherine
Australian Capital City• Canberra
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If the opportunity to be at the cutting-edge of pest detection
sounds like an opportunity for you then please call +613 9886 8266
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